Vesti Ascendi Golf Apparel

Golf apparel used to have so much style and class.  Over the decades that style faded into one version or another of the short sleeve golf polo.  While every company puts their spin on this basic shirt by using different colors or fabrics, they all look more or less the same.  None of them have that old-school gentleman’s look.  Vesti Ascendi is about to change all that.  Our goal is to bring back the traditional looks found in vintage photos of the founding fathers of golf.  The gentleman’s style will be the driving force behind Vesti Ascendi, but equally important will be comfort.  Many of those original golf styles were rather uncomfortable, but using modern fabrics and innovative cuts, the classic look will be reborn.

Vesti Ascendi’s Promises

Use the highest quality fabrics  (Every piece of apparel will be made with the best Peruvian fabrics)

Limited Edition runs (Every shirt will be produced in small quantities.  Once they are sold out, they are sold out; never to be made again)

Offer the best customer service (We are here to make it right, fast shipping and fast responses to all questions)

Create a simple pricing system (The price you see is the price you pay, no need for coupons.  Sales may happen from time to time.)

Offer Free US shipping, exchanges and returns on all products (If something isn’t right, we will cover all shipping costs.  100% guarantee)